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HOTWEB DIGITAL MEDIA TECHNOLOGIES T e c h n o l o g i c a l I n n o v a t i o n f o r Y o u WEB PORTALS SOFTWARE APPLICAT IONS E-BOOKS MOBILE APPS 2D & 3D ANIMAT IONS DIGI TAL MEDIA DIGI TAL MEDIA & ADVERT ISING We develop performance-based learning experiences with our eLearning content solutions. We undertake turn-key projects for Custom eLearning, Learning Paths, Game-Based Learning, Micro Learning- Mobile- friendly content for your on-the-go employees, Mobile Learning to learn anywhere anytime with device-agnostic and tailored mobile learning content, HTML5 Conversion Repurpose existing content into device-agnostic content for increased audience access, Scenario-Based Learning including problem-based or case-based learning and roleplaying for Translation & Localization learning content into multiple languages. With Films & other visual media, we merge the power of entertainment, behavioral science, and the arts to create meaningful conversations with a magical and long-lasting impact. Every brief gets put through our collection of professionals spanning concept visualization, designing, filmmaking, music, and production and is mentored and managed by strategists, producers, media planners, cutting-edge technology, and a passion for success. Reach us: (M) +91-9650258248 E-mail: SINCE 2000 ੴ