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HOTWEB DIGITAL MEDIA TECHNOLOGIES T e c h n o l o g i c a l I n n o v a t i o n f o r Y o u WEB PORTALS SOFTWARE APPLICAT IONS E-BOOKS MOBILE APPS 2D & 3D ANIMAT IONS DIGI TAL MEDIA E-BOOKS & DIGI TAL CONTENT CREAT ION Electronic publishing (also referred to as publishing or digital publishing or online publishing) includes the digital publication of e- books, digital magazines, and the development of digital libraries and catalogs. E-Book is an electronic version of a printed book that can be read on a computer or a specifically designed handheld device. eBooks are delivered almost instantaneously. You can purchase, download, and start reading them within minutes, without leaving your chair. You can store hundreds and thousands of eBooks on your computer or reading device. eBooks are portable. You can carry a whole library of hundreds of books with you- in a Pen drive, in a laptop, notebook, or any e-book reader. eBooks can be interactive and contain audio, video, and animations, which can enhance the message that the author is trying to convey. We design and develop E-Publications in the top five eBook formats: TXT, EPUB, MOBI, AZW, and PDF. We not only design and develop, but also help in sales and marketing them on various platforms, including Amazon. Reach us: (M) +91-9650258248 E-mail: SINCE 2000 ੴ